• Bible Verses about Healing from the Life of Jesus
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    Jesus is our great healer – the New Testament is filled with bible verses about healing; telling us how Jesus healed people, everywhere he went. You can read about his healing prayer, how he spoke his word and people got healed, how he told people of his will to heal them all through the gospels. […]

  • God Loves Me – Bible Verses
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    The Bible is all about love, and there are so many bible verses about God’s love provided for us! God is a loving God, and He is our great Father that really loves His children! When Jesus died and took our sins upon Him self; He did it because He loves us!  The Gospel is […]

  • Meditate On Encouraging Bible Verses
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    Daily Bible Verses for Encouragement We all go through times when we in a special way need some bible verses for encouragement. So many things are coming against us today, so we really need the truth form the word of God to help us and encourage us! During periods of time I take one or […]

  • Easter Bible Verses That Can Change Our Lives
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    Easter is a wonderful reminder of the sacrifice Jesus did for us on Calvary. What happened at the cross is not only an important historical event; but something that has the potential to change our lives every day if we let it! Christ carried our sins in his body on the cross. He did this […]

  • Bible Verses About Family Are Still Relevant
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    Contrary to what many people believe, the bible is a book that covers subjects relevant for us living in a modern world. The principles of life we find in this old book are very up to date. When it comes to the question about family – something very debated today, the bible is very clear […]

  • Healing Scriptures Has The Power To Heal You
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    The healing scriptures that you find in the bible are Gods powerful word. From the very first page and through the whole book, you can read about the power that there is in the word of God. When God created the earth He said: Let there be light, and it became light! When Jesus says: […]

  • Bible Verses on Blessing
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    When we are in Christ we are blessed by Him! In Ephesians, chapter 1 we can read some well known bible verses on blessing: Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us […]