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We all know the importance of having our daily devotional and receive at least some Daily Bible Verses. We shall live by the word of God, the Bible tells us!


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Even if we know the importance of it, we often neglect it or we think we have no time to read the bible. The schedule is full and we have so many things to do so we decide that we don’t have time for the most important things of all; our daily inspiration from the Bible and our fellowship with God!


God Wants To Give Us His Strength


But we fool ourselves when we think like that. I have done it so many times…rushing away without taking time any  with the Lord, thinking that I have no time. But the only one that suffers is I since without God I have to do things in my own strength instead of drawing from his power!


  • The bible says: Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might Eph.6:10.


We shall be strong in the Lord, not strong in ourselves. God wants to give us His power, but if we don’t take time….He can’t help us!


Eat the Word of God


One bible verse of the day can change that. Of course, we should take a lot of time, study the word and live in it. But those days when there are problems with time; take at least one of the suggested daily bible verses, and feed on it. Eat the word of God. Take it to your heart and think of it during the day! It will help you focus on the Lord, and the power of the Word will work for you!

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